Photo-Therapy Treatment For Jaundice in New Born Baby 

Rent Bili-Blanket in India for New Born Baby Jaundice Treatment

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May 10, 2016

Any of you ever rented a bili blanket to do phototherepy at home?

Friday I had a doctor appointment for Mya and her bilirubin numbers jumped 8 points (18.3) from when she was being observed in the hospital Wednesday.  We rented a biliblanket (the wallaby) Friday night and have had her on it none …

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Bili Blanket Do's & Dont's

April 16, 2016


DO make sure the light source box is on a flat, non-absorbent surface. Do not place on carpet or sit on the crib mattress.
DO make sure as much of the infant’s skin is in direct contact with the light pad. Diapers should be worn.
DO have the disposable cover as the ONLY material between …

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