Photo-Therapy Treatment For Jaundice in New Born Baby 

Rent Bili-Blanket in India for New Born Baby Jaundice Treatment

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Your baby's pediatrician will decide if phototherapy (biliblanket) is right for your newborn.
What is the cost to rent a BiliBlanket? 
Our daily rental fee is Rs.500/- per calendar day.
Do you charge for delivery? 
Yes, we charge delivery based on the local delivery companies in our service area Delivery is typically within 4 hours of the order unless inclement weather or other travel issues.
What type of machine is used? 
The device is a small and light weight machine that provides one of the highest levels of irradiance (light) currently on the market. The device’s unique design allows you hold, nurse or feed your baby during treatment.
Do you take insurance? 
No, at this time we are an out of network provider for all insurance carriers.
Why do you not contract with insurance carriers?
Biliblanket rentals are a small niche market which most insurance companies do not deal with on a direct basis.
How does it work? 
The Bili-Blanket consists of a light source and a light panel. The light panel sits directly on your baby’s skin. The light source is placed away from the baby to ensure no heat is transferred from the machine. The light source and panel produces a particular spectrum of light that changes the molecular structure of the bilirubin as it flows in the bloodstream. Once the bilirubin has changed, the intestines can now absorb and filter out through normal elimination.
How long will my baby be on the machine? 
We are not medical professionals. Your doctor will determine when it’s safe to stop the treatment.
Can I hold and feed my baby during the treatment?
Yes, in fact we specifically chose these machines to allow you to hold and fed your baby while treatment is underway. This enhances the bonding process which we believe is critical to your baby’s growth.
Are there Side Effects of Using Phototherapy?
Babies under any type of phototherapy treatment will have frequent and loose bowel movements that are sometimes greenish in color. This is normal since this is the way the body removes the bilirubin. This will be temporary and should stop when treatment is completed. Contact your doctor if it persists after treatment is completed.

Can my baby sleep on a biliblanket?
Yes. Your hospital will outline the schedule for your child's treatment. However, the biliblanket can be used 24 hours a day for as long as necessary.

Why is my baby's skin ‘bleached or reddened' where the biliblanket pad has been in contact with the skin?
The skin in direct contact with the pad is the first area where bilirubin is broken down. This breakdown process is not harmful; in fact, it contributes to the treatment of your baby and causes this portion of skin to turn to its normal color. As the treatment process continues, bilirubin is removed from the blood and the rest of the skin. As the bilirubin is lowered to acceptable levels, all of you baby's skin will return to its normal color.

Will my baby be rotated on the pad to treat all of his/her skin?
No, only a small portion of the bilirubin is in the fatty tissue of the skin. The majority of the bilirubin is in the blood. The circulation of the blood will bring the bilirubin to the lighted area where it will be broken down.

It is important that the plain lighted area of the covered pad-the area without writing- is against the baby's skin at all times during treatment. Clothing can then be applied over the system.